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In 1981, as I worked in a day camp, I made a workshop on games creation with children of primary education.
Then, I came to interest myself in board games offered on the market place. As I found there was a very poor offer (except the traditionnal games like check or go game), I decided to invent a new one. The balls have always been present during my childhood recollections. So it seems to me a good basis to start with.
By piling up balls, I discovered the mechanical rule motion that came to be the one used in the TRABOULET game.

I first invented a game called PUSH-PUSH, it was a pleasant game to play with but the rule wasn’t finalized as there was no possible end.




At that time, I have created other games ; COULOIRS…




... andLABYRINTHE that have been produced by SYLEMNA / ANDRIEU firm under the name of TROTTE ET MONTE.


I asked for patent at the INPI for these games I also contacted publishers and producers but had no answers.

Everything could have ended here without the enormous success of games like QUATRO, REVERSIS, PYRAOS…and obviously ABALONE, that I discovered in 1991.
Then I contacted ABALONE to notify my surprise and suggest my collaboration.
Indeed, during that time I had an idea to make these types of games more attractive and practical.


Lastly, FUNCO firm which commercialized ABALONE in Germany, offered that I work on a game based on this mechanical rule.
After a summer of tests with my 12 years old nephew, Pierre, I found a sustainable method.
This method is based on the use of a third component, the red balls which have become the match stake.




The definitive version of the game was introduced in 1994 in different shows and then commercialized. For my part, I commercialized a classical version made of wood.

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But right away, ABALONE has sued us and ruined all our hope soon as there were born. After 10 years of trial (ABALONE / FUNCO trial) ABALONE lost in first instance and was condemned for abusive proceedings. Then, ABALONE Company appealed and was dismissed.

At last I can now hope that my game get the success it deserves.
For this to be possible, I must find new partners in Europe.


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