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Distributed by FUNCO, AKIBA was successively presented in shows in Paris and Nuremberg in spring 1994. It was a success shared by the journalists and the public.

Then, I made an improved version made of wood for specialized shops. These deluxe games also had success. Later, I sold back the stockpile to the FILSFILS firm, which was best able to distribute it.


Thinking, that AKIBA, was just a copy of their game, the company ABALONE hastened to make a report of descriptive law distrain by a bailiff.
This spectacular approach aimed at constituting a proceedings to undermine my invention.


Then I registered an original at the INPI to claim my authorship and clarify my situation.FUNCO Corporation presented the game AKIBA in Cannes games festival.
It had a big success but wan no honors from the jury because the game was suspected of being a copy.


After 10 years of proceedings, the ABALONE / FUNCO trial ended with ABALONE’s defeat. The firm was convicted back for abusive proceedings. Unfortunately, FUNCO Corporation disappeared because of economical problems in its parent company, and so AKIBA is no more distributed.



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