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Fast strategy game for two players aged 8 and upwards.
Contents : 1 board - 8 white glass marbles - 8 black glass marbles - 13 red glass marbles



The aim of the game

The idea is to conquer seven red marbles. The first player to push seven red marbles off the board is the winner.


Preparation for play

The glass marbles are placed on the board as shown in the illustration 1.
The players draw lots to decide who plays white and who play black. White begins. Black is allowed to decide how the board will be positioned. According to how he chooses, either his own colour will then be in the bottom right hand corner, or that of this opponent.

1.------ .---------------.



1. How to play

Each player takes alternate turns. One player always plays with the white marbles; the other always moves the black ones. The red marbles are neutral. The aim of the game is to push them off the board.



2. 2. Pushing your own marbles

When it is a player’s turn, he may push one of this own marbles in either a vertical or horizontal direction. The construction of the board only allows moves in these two directions. The square in the direction of which is being pushed must be free. So you have to get your finger behind the marble you wish to push (see illustration 2).
2. ---

--- --- --- --- --



3.Pushing marbles

If there are other marbles lying in the way (either your own, your opponent’s or neutral red ones) directly in front of the marble you are pushing, then they are pushed one square backwards (see illustration 3).
Therefore it is only possible to push a maximum of 6 further marbles with your own one.

3. ------



4. Important

If one of the players pushes a) a single marbles of this opponent, or b) a whole row of marbles, with one of his opponent’s marbles at the end then his opponent is not allowed to push straight back the next move, but must wait for the turn after. This ensures that the game cannot get blocked by two players just pushing backwards and forwards.

4. ------



5.Conquering marbles

If an opponent’s marble, or a neutral red marble are lying at the edge of the board, then it may be pushed into the catching groove. The marble has then been conquered, and is out of the game (see illustration 5). It is not allowed to push your own marbles off the board.

Once a player has pushed a marble off the board, he immediately has another turn. He does not have to move the same marble again, but can choose anew. If he pushes another marble off the board as a result, then he has yet another turn. It is therefore possible to conquer more than one marble each turn.

5. ------




6. The collecting hollows

A player who pushes a marble off the board immediately places it I one of this collecting hollows (see illustration 5.b and 1). The collecting hollows make it easier to keep track of how many red marbles each player has conquered.

We recommend that you keep the red marbles in the row in front of you, and your opponent’s marbles in the row to your right.


7. the end of the game

The first player to conquer 7 red marble is the winner.

Special case: If a player cannot make a legal move, or if all his marbles have been pushed out of the game by his opponent, then his opponent wins. The loser plays white in the next game.

In a completely hopeless situation it makes more sense to concede the game, and to have more fun playing the next one!


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